International Pharmacies


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This concept was created with the aim of satisfying the needs of tourists and citizens who find themselves in a foreign city, to buy medicines, both with respect to the treatment already undertaken in the country of origin and for immediate needs, and to benefit from some sort of ‘first aid’ in case of – a not serious - sickness by the medical personnel of their own nationality, or at least to  be able to understand them accurately, assessing the exact symptoms and the treatment to be administered.?In addition, these pharmacies will allow the purchase of drugs of their own nationality, where you can clearly see the package leaflet and check the compatibility with the real illness.

The Farmacie Internazionali would be located in the main cities of the world, or at least in those with high levels of tourism or foreign workers, checking in advance the most numerous nationality presence.

Logistically, the pharmacies may be located mainly in the central areas and perhaps be grouped within existing shopping centres.



The idea is new as well as really useful and necessary.

Therefore, although the important initial investment, the economic returns can draw the attention of domestic and foreign investors.