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ShowList is a social network based on affinities, or "points of contact" between users, identified by software and then transformed into opportunities of:

- Buying, selling and bartering of goods and services,

- Interpersonal relationships, contacts, friendships,

- Discussion groups, forums, information exchange,

- Buying groups,

- Working contacts,

- Contact between professional buyers and sellers.

On ShowList so you can buy, sell, barter, find new friends, business partners, buying groups, share interests, passions and opinions on countless topics, find a plumber, traveling companions, etc.

All the 'contacts' that are generated on ShowList are centered upon us and may give rise to endless opportunities highlighted in real time by the system.

ShowList bases its functioning on an analysis of 'resources' of the users, namely, a series of key features consisting of personal assets, skills, attitudes,  interests, etc., etc.

Resources can be reported by each user in his personal list, which should be completed by indicating (and this is an innovative element) both the 'available' resources (i.e. those that you have) and those 'necessary' (i.e. those that you would want to own).


Equipping the web of a multifunctional tool capable of producing real and tangible benefits for users, whether they are ‘private’, professionals, companies, etc.

In addition, the exploitation of material resources - especially through the reuse of assets - can produce on a large scale, a lower utilization of raw material, reducing pollution.


ShowList is unique because on one hand it can be seen as a sort of mix between existing sites - however a positive thing - but, on the other hand, it has innovative features and logics that can change the way we understand social networks.


ShowList can generate revenue through the sale of ‘information’ to goods and services businesses related to the buying habits of users. Obviously, with permission.

Then there are monthly ‘fees’ to access to the site from the ‘business’ users that also represent an important voice for the revenue.

Then there is the sale of advertising space within some sections of the site (banners, etc.), and finally, the (payed) provision of  a range of services to private users as well.