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VillaggioMercato is an area in or near towns and municipalities characterized by the presence of ‘kiosks’ used as shops, mostly food shops, and small artisans workshops, as well as a covered structure intended for the fruit and vegetables market in which fruits and vegetables at zero food miles are sold or exchanged, from private vegetable patches or from small local producers.?

Aesthetically, in the VillaggioMercato much attention to detail is put and the decor is characterized by the presence of green, plants, benches, lampposts, fountains, playground, etc. . , with the aim of making it a pleasant place that aesthetically enriches the City, as well as to give back to the citizens, especially the elderly, the vital chance to buy - on foot - the products of first necessity.

The project involves the use of a space, municipal or private, on which to place a series of kiosks of various sizes, presumably made of glass and metal, to be used as shops and small artisans workshops and a covered and circular structure, in laminated wood and of a diameter ranging from 10 to 20 meters, intended as an area for the "covered market".



The VillaggioMercato wants to revive the vitality and aesthetics of the old villages where the dynamism of the commercial activities would give a renewed centrality to many villages, giving  citizens important aggregation factors.

Specifically, the benefits associated with this project are:

- Repopulate the towns of shops, especially of food and household products, of which many villages are almost completely lacking, after the arrival of shopping centres;

- Create a meeting place especially for children and the elderly

- Redevelopment of abandoned and/or unused areas

- Promote the development of agricultural activities by citizens and independent farmers

- Encourage saving and local economy

- Improve accessibility to shops, especially of food, for people without a car

- Locate the economy and improve the level of services to citizens.


The VillaggioMercato is the first viable alternative to the shopping centres and may mean a return to a scenario characteristic of old villages when the shops were easily reached on foot by everyone and represented above all an opportunity to meet and socialize.


Feasibility study of the first Municipality that is considering, in practice, the initiative.