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MyProgelist is a design and relational platform offering a new and interactive way of WORKING IN GROUP with features designed to develop collaborations, synergies and strategic sharing of ideas, resources and know-how.?MyProgelist favors the birth of PROJECTS thanks to a work environment that stimulates creativity, and offers areas dedicated to:

- Description of the projects,

- Indication of the 'necessary' and 'available' resources,

- Brainstorming,

- Document - sharing,

- Work agenda,

- Traceability of the meetings,

- Scheduling commitments,

Myprogelist allows you to manage, at its inside, an unlimited number of projects *.

Each user can then develop one or more projects and organize work teams ‘dedicated’ to each project.

There is also the opportunity to develop 'private' projects, viewable only by the owner of the project and its team.

Myprogelist also allows you to organize EVENTS through features designed to enhance them, thanks to an original and creative working method.

Moreover, after the event myprogelist allows you to highlight the most interesting aspects through photos, videos and speakers’ sum-ups.

It is also possible to start a ‘round table’ between the participants who can provide feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas.

Myprogelist is aimed at:

- Consortiums,

- Project incubators,

- Business accelerators,

- Associations,

- Enterprises,

- Research centers,

- Professional Studios,

- Schools/Universities,


Promoting growth through the development of dialogue and teamwork, synergies and creativity.


Myprogelist is an Italian project, and for a variety of reasons, can be considered the first software, designed and built with one mission only, purely oriented  to the growth of the group that will be using it.