Security of the Person




The USBLife+ is a mini-usb support that the owner must carry around at all time, preferably on the neck, like a ‘necklace’ or by inserting it into larger pendants.

The key may contain an almost endless array of information of the owner, most of which are protected by encryption with password security, except for the part about health data (blood group, allergies to medications, current therapies, etc.) necessary for the medical personnel in the event of an accident.

This information, however, are of  no use, in case of loss, to whom should gain possession of it as in the ‘open’ section of the key the name/surname of the owner is not contained.

However, there are "indications" ( tattoos, fingerprints, facial features , etc. ) that are useful to detect, also in case of emergency, that the key really belongs to the person who is wearing it.

USBLife + can provide support in case of loss or theft of documents, especially if you are abroad or in any circumstances in which you need to have at least a colour copy of a whole series of documents (Identity Card, Passport, Driver's license, airplane tickets, credit cards , etc.).

In this case, it is sufficient to find a PC connected to a printer and print the necessary documents.

In the key you can insert a whole series of dietary recommendations, treatments of any nature that may help to keep monitored a series of information.

Think about the medical care that can be tracked and updated constantly, ensuring a periodic inspection.

In addition, the key can be of help if you intend to contact a professional who has to highlight the past  medical history (current therapies, medical reports, x-rays , etc.). In this case, you should just provide the key and allow the practitioner to save the necessary information on his PC.