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Progelist is a platform for design-net-working  aimed at Individuals, Companies and Professionals and its features are designed to give life to a creative process that can arise from specific needs and then come to life thanks to the ideas generated by collective brainstorming or provided by other users.

The ideas can then be shared and transformed into projects that Progelist allows you to manage operationally through "work online" features (document sharing, organization of work teams, work agenda, traceability of project phases and meetings) and with an innovative tool to highlight the "resources" needed and those already available for the completion of each project, highlighted individually and aggregated by type.

Each user has a space to highlight activities, professional background and growth objectives.


Progelist wants to become a point of reference for all those who wish to develop a project, start a professional activity or initiative.

In addition, Progelist will provide opportunities for collaborations and work for anyone (even without a project) logged on to the platform to promote their professional profile.


Progelist can thus become an essential tool for developing projects and business initiatives through the creation of synergies, as well creating opportunities for employment and investment.


The platform is online since 2012 and after a first phase of testing and implementation (alpha -test) is now operational, although still in a (beta-test) phase.

The development of this start-up on a larger scale requires the intervention of investors, both private and institutional.