Progetti d'Italia

Progetti d'Italia


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PROGETTI D’ITALIA is a experimental initiative based on the systematic beginning of projects and initiatives of common interest, developed through a strong collaboration between Citizens and Institutions that will have to work together - according to the principles of Democrazia Progettuale - actively working to determine the collective needs - first of all in the local area - and then in the phases of implementation of the projects.

The projects will be realized thanks to the contribution of ideas, skills and, if necessary, finances of Citizens and will be defined and discussed through a web platform accessible to all in which everyone will be able to make suggestions, post ideas, comments, feedback, but always with a constructive spirit.

Progetti d’Italia is based on a web platform for design networking.

Each Municipality that joins the initiative will have a module dedicated to the development of projects within the municipal district.

Each module will be integrated with those of other municipalities, to develop inter-municipal synergies, designing synergies and interpersonal synergies.


- Creating a design ecosystem that promotes responsible and shared growth, aimed at improving the quality of life.

- Promoting political stability due to the possibility for the local and central Municipalities, to constantly monitor "consensus" and feedback from Citizens.

- Creating the - economic and social - conditions that will lead in the medium to long term to a greater satisfaction of the expectations of growth and welfare of the citizens;


The potential of the project is the fact that it is a unique initiative of its kind and that suggests, shall we say, finally, a growth path based primarily on dialogue.


Startup phase in the Municipality of Prato Sesia (Novara).